My name is Riley and I’m an undergraduate at UCLA. I’m also a co-founder and advisor of Arist, an e-learning company.

I’m formally studying philosophy with a minor in math, but a lot of things interest me. These things include:

  1. Human organization
    1. Self-interest and cooperation: how can we pursue the former and achieve the latter?
    2. Are there theoretical barriers to equitable cooperation?
    3. What will be the next innovation in good governance?
  2. Progress
    1. How long will it take for physical living standards to increase? (AKA when will my washing machine get better?)
    2. How do we get people to believe in progress again?
  3. People
    1. Why aren’t there more weird people? How do we get more of them?
    2. Is it a good thing so many bright young college students go into finance/investment banking? We can extend the question and talk about software startups and VC, too.
    3. Who exactly should study philosophy?
  4. Higher education
    1. How much of education is just signaling?
    2. If elite universities claim to be engines of social mobility, should they 10x their size?
    3. What is education for? Should we be worried there is no consensus on this?