Concerning sentences in campus affairs

UCLA just dismissed its spirit squad director, Mollie Vehling, after reports that she allowed donors to exercise inappropriate influence over members of the squad. A title IX investigation meant to settle the matter is currently underway.

A UCLA alum, Mathew Satuloff, has created a petition in favor of reinstating the director.

In his petition, Satuloff praised Vehling’s leadership and character, before going on to accuse the Alumni Association, which previously oversaw the Spirit Squad, of prioritizing the interests of donors and not properly disclosing the association’s practices.

Some of the claims Satuloff made in his petition have not been verified.

“I wrote the petition because I knew that I trusted (Vehling), … but I couldn’t get any facts, so I had to imagine a lot of the facts,” Satuloff said. “I put some things in there that I knew were guesses – they were good guesses, but they were guesses.”

Do read the entire article linked in the first sentence. I come away from these reports with many more questions than answers. Why is a 76 year old man donating to a university spirit squad? Why does he take them out to dinner all the time? Does it not raise flags that he is a felon? Or that he was accused (but acquitted) of having sex with two 16 year olds?

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