Take Me to Alaska (Podcast)

Most teenagers wait tables or work at their the movie theater for their first summer jobs. 

Not Charlie. Right after school got out he took a flight to Kenai intent on spending the next two months gutting salmon for 14 hours a day. 

Today, we call him up and talk management styles, crazy Alaskan rents, and why he even chose to do this in the first place. 

(interview and narration originally recorded in June 2017) 

Tim Leatherman (Podcast)

Tim Leatherman tells us about his table tennis career, Vietnamese luggage racks, and absentminded professors, and some stuff about a funky little tool

On a more serious note, Tim Leatherman is best know for inventing the Leatherman tool after he found his Boy Scout knife ineffective in repairing a cranky Fiat during a road trip through Europe. Now, the Leatherman Tool Group does over $100 million in annual revenue by selling their tools all over the world.

This is an interview I did with him while I was in high school in Portland, Oregon. 

[Intro recorded at the bottom of a stairwell] 



[S]language (Podcast)

What is slang? How many people need to use a word before it becomes a word? What types of people do these need to be? 

This is a re-edit of a podcast I did in high school with my friend Kate Leblanc. Special thanks to her, and anyone on NW 23rd who was happy to share their slang with me. 

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Also, thanks to Kevin Macleod for the music. 


Let’s Talk About Education (podcast)

We sit down with UCLA professor of education Lorena Guillén and talk about school, it’s history, and how it affects us now. 

Pique is a student-written, recorded, and hosted podcast. 

You can check us out online at http://www.piquepodcast.live

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Thanks to Kevin Macleod for the music.